Who We Are?

Earth from above, view over Africa

Our MissioN

Our mission is clear: to save drinking water by identifying and repairing leaks in water supply pipelines. 

By harnessing the power of satellite imagery, GIS, mathematical processing, and machine learning, we strive to reduce real water losses, increase efficiency in leakage detection, and minimize environmental impact. Our innovative approach not only preserves water resources but also enhances the quality of life for countless individuals and communities.

Our team

The expertise of our team includes finding leaks using satellite images, GIS, Machine learning, and non-revenue knowledge for a large water operator.

The team has completed projects for more than a year in Undertaking water, training water operators for processing Water Balances, extracting real problems with NRW, creating strategies for NRW reduction and managing finding leaks with NRW equipment’s in UK and Bulgaria and energy saving in Water supply CO EYATH Thessaloniki, Greece.

Our experts have experience with GIS preparation for the Ministry of Regional Development of Bulgaria for all water supply companies, Irrigation Systems, and Reservoirs. We have implemented high-tech machine-learning projects for different subjects in the US and Bulgaria. We operate with Big Data analytics, algorithms, AI, ML, DL, and Digital Transformation. The staff has patents for flow measurement on big channels used in Nuclear Power Plants and we are currently working on registering a patent.

Satellite Image of a river from space

Extraordinary Expertise

At PIPES SAT Ltd, we are committed to safeguarding drinking water by harnessing our advanced technological capabilities.

Through a unique fusion of satellite imagery, Geographic Information Systems (GIS), mathematical processing, and machine learning algorithms, we meticulously identify and pinpoint leaks within water supply pipelines. Our approach is backed by the latest insights and practices in non-revenue water reduction, ensuring the highest accuracy and efficacy in leak detection and mitigation strategies. By leveraging these innovative tools and expertise, we not only preserve precious water resources but also promote sustainability and resilience in water management systems worldwide.

Our Core Values

Our core values guide every aspect of our work. Integrity is paramount as we strive for transparency, honesty, and ethical conduct in all our interactions.